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A Proud Tradition

FC/CFC Strong's Seamus
1986 US High Point Dog

The Saighton Kennel bloodline originated during the 1930s. Talbot Radcliffe established the kennel at the Presaddfed Estate at Anglesey, Wales, and proceeded to introduce the world to English Springer Spaniels which captured the attention of all who were fortunate to witness their working abilities. The Saighton English Springer Spaniel was an intelligent, powerful, athletic-built dog capable of exciting, and sometimes, even amazing displays of skill and courage - on land and in the water.

FC/CFC Strong Seamus, Saighton's Sleet,
and Strong's Swanson.

Quite notably, the impressive winner of the prestigious English National Field Trial Championship in 1965, Saighton's Stinger, is every bit as legendary today as he was in his own time. Stinger, perhaps more than any other single British-bred English Springer Spaniel - before or since - most certainly ignited the interest and passion of spaniel enthusiasts across the American continent. Dozens of Saighton-bred spaniels have placed in - or won - US and Canadian field trials, as well as National Championships. Since the 1960s, with few exceptions, nearly every US National Field Champion has had Saighton blood running through it's veins. No other kennel has had so much influence over the breed on this continent and can lay claim to that achievement.

FC Braw Bairn of Suthron Glen

Times have changed. Talbot Radcliffe and his Saighton Kennel reached their journey's end. Through the passage of time, nearly all of the present-day English Springer Spaniels on American soil have lost the close generational ties to their Saighton ancestors.

The proud tradition lives on.

David Jones, who began his career employed by Talbot Radcliffe at the prestigious Saighton Kennel, owns Strong Gundogs of Tivoli, Texas. David has put forth a vigilant effort to preserve and continue the classic Saighton lineage - and their hallmark traits - in his Strong Gundogs bloodline English Springer Spaniels.

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